Fishing Trip Etiquette – Mind Your Manners

As with any other sports, there are unspoken rules in place to ensure that everybody experiences the pleasure as it should be experienced. It is always fair to treat individuals in a way which you would like to be treated and where fishing is concerned, it is no different.

Keep It Clean

On completion of any fishing expedition, a rule of thumb is to leave the area in a better condition than you found it. Discard any litter, and be mindful to clear away all your old hooks and bait that may have found their way to the ground. While hooks pose a threat to the next fishermen using the area, litter is unsightly and could also pose a risk to the animals in the area that may eat it.

Crowding Is A No-No

Yes, the boat a short way from where you are sitting is experiencing the catch of a lifetime, however, leave it be. Don’t try to get in on the action and move closer to their position. The movement of your boat could disturb the fish and affect their fishing experience.

Crossing Lines

In areas where fishing is popular and the area is flooded with fishermen be mindful not to cast your line over the line of another fisherman. The impending tangle could lead to him losing a catch, as well as you.

It is particularly important to be aware of regulations relating to fishing. In many areas and in the instance of some species, catch limits are in place to ensure that the fish are sustained and that there is enough for everyone to go around. Fishing size limits prevent fish from being caught too small. Catch and release ensure that the fish population is always increasing. Keep your fishing license handy. The cost implication of purchasing one is far less than what an impending fine would be.